Bedfordshire ePCR evaluation update – day one

RRV with blurred paramedic

We completed the first day of the Bedfordshire ePCR go live evaluation on 16 March.

One of the key aspects of an evaluation period is to put new hardware and software systems under a ‘real world’ stress test. This helps us identify potential issues that cannot be discovered in a closed testing environment.

We are very happy with the performance of the Siren Nova ePCR app on the iPads. Feedback from frontline clinicians who trialled the devices has been very positive.

When stress testing the acute hospital handover processes, we observed the inbound information system - Siren Notification Board - began to behave in an unexpected manner on Tuesday night.

As a result, the hospital administration team were unable to access records for a period. We wish to investigate further and have decided to pause further evaluation and initiate the fallback position as part of our go live planning while this takes place. Colleagues on duty were advised to revert to Siren Windows version on Toughbooks in the interim.

The team are working with Medusa Medical to resolve the Siren Notification Board issue. We are looking forward to re-starting the go live evaluation stress test when this has been resolved. We’ll update timings shortly.

Published 19th March 2021