Corpuls web is no longer in use

The new defibrillators were rolled out with a function called Corpulsweb, a web based system that allowed the clinical advice line as well as other departments to review, in real time, what you were seeing on the monitor. As well as reviewing 12 lead ECGs. It also enabled reflective review as part of the clinical audit process as well as investigations and clinical debriefs.

After extensively trialling Corpulsweb over the last year, the Trust has decided to move away from this system, as it has not met all our requirements.

With immediate effect from the 1st of April the service will no longer be available.

As a result of Corpulsweb ending, you will see some changes when using the device.

  • The corpuls will attempt to connect to Corpulsweb, but will fail as the server is switched off. This will result in a minor alarm sounding “server connection failed”. Don’t worry about this, just confirm the alarm and carry on. We will shortly be upgrading all units so this does not happen; please bear with us while this work is undertaken.
  • For those who wish to seek advice on 12 –lead ECGs, you will now have to manually send an ECG to the clinical advice line when required. This straight forward process below is a reminder of how to do this.

Process for manually sending an ECG for clinical advice:

  • After an ECG has been obtained the option to send is highlighted black (this is next to the print button). You will notice that initially the “send” option is greyed until the ECG has been captured. Once it is ready to send it will go black. See pictures below.
  • Once “send” has turned black simply press and hold the send button and then you will be presented with a list of destinations to send too; select the clinical advice line which is called “HEOC” and is at the bottom of the list, then press ok (don’t not select the first option or any of the hospitals, this will not work). This will be delivered to the clinical advice line ECG inbox that all CAL clinicians have access too.

  • After the HEOC destination for Clinical Advice has been selected, the corpuls will make a mobile data connection and send the file as an email. At the top of the monitor a number of symbols will be displayed, see below. You will notice the picture on the right has a symbol with a tick next to it. This indicates the ECG has been sent.
  • If there is a need to resend then you will simply need to repeat the process described above, but please be aware that while an ECG is being sent the “send” option will be “greyed” out. You will need to wait until the “send” option turns black again before attempts to resend can be made.

Please circulate this around the areas that are currently using corpuls and as always if there are any question please contact a local super user, your DLO lead for corpuls or email

Published 1st April, 2016

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