Culture change - February update

The Trust has embarked upon a cultural change programme to positively and permanently improve the culture at EEAST for everyone who works in the organisation.

We are taking action to address cultural issues and where you highlight issues, we are taking action.

Today, we have released our first infographic and video to detail what cultural changes have taken place within the Trust.

You can see a graphic illustrating the work we have done so far and a short video explaining our progress to date below.


As always, if you see any form of bullying or harassment, we are asking you to Speak Up, Speak out and Stop it.

Speak Up: If you experience bullying and harassment at work, or are witness to it, please take the time to Speak Up.

Speak Out: There are several ways you can talk to someone about your experience.

Together we can Stop It.

Published 25th February 2021