EEAST takes the Plastic Pledge

Plastic cutlery

As part of our continued drive towards being a more sustainable organisation, the Trust has signed up to be part of the NHS single-use plastics reduction pledge.

NHS England and NHS Improvement launched the pledge which requires NHS Trusts that sign up to commit to phasing out all single-use plastic items in catering and office spaces. Signing up to the pledge means we are committed to phasing out avoidable single-use plastic items such as: plastic straws and stirrers, plastic cutlery, plates and cups made of polystyrene or oxo-degradable plastics by April 2021. Going beyond these commitments and after April 2021 we also want to look at all waste streams to reduce other sources of avoidable single use plastic.


Sustainability Manager, Sam Woods, said: ‘This is a massive step forward for us as an organisation, as we continue to deliver outstanding care for our patients whilst minimising our impact on the environment. One recent initiative to support this pledge was removing approximately 150,000 polystyrene cups in circulation across the Trust, avoiding landfill and replacing them with 100% recyclable water cones. This is just one of many projects we are working on and, with the support of all staff, we will be able to improve recycling and waste disposal facilities and ultimately move away from our reliance on single use plastic products.’


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Published 15th March 2021