Family’s gratitude to “amazing” life savers

Becky and Dean Turner

A Suffolk mum has pledged to walk 100 miles during January to thank our crews for saving her 35-year-old husband’s life after he suffered a cardiac arrest in his sleep.

Becky Turner, 27, from Martlesham, began to panic when she couldn’t wake husband Dean from what she initially thought was a bad dream in October.

Call handler Neil Noller kept her calm while talking her through how to perform CPR, which she continued for 15 minutes until Abigail Owen, Rebecca McLellan, Alistair Bartlett, Matt Claydon, Mark Oakes and Carrys Jones arrived.

Becky is now walking 100 miles to raise money to thank the crews, who spent a further 30 minutes trying to revive Dean and shocked him five times with the defibrillator before managing to stabilise him.

“I thought Dean was having a bad dream, but I couldn’t wake him and he was just breathing outwards. It was terrifying,” said Becky, who is mum to Jamie and Chloe.

“The man on the 999 call helped keep me calm and counted out loud for me while I did the CPR. But I was panicking the whole time thinking he was not going to make it.

“Hand on heart I can honestly say that if it was not for the amazing paramedic team who kept insisting and carrying on with the CPR after 30 minutes, Dean would not be here today.”

Dean was transferred to Ipswich Hospital where he was put in an induced coma for nine days. When he woke his speech was slurred and he had to learn to walk again, but has otherwise recovered well.

“I feel lucky to be alive,” said Dean, who had no previous symptoms but has since been diagnosed with a hereditary condition called brugada syndrome, which can cause the heart to beat dangerously fast.

“I feel grateful that I was strong enough to get back for my children and Becky, and I am grateful that the paramedics didn't give up on me.

“The fundraiser Becky is doing for the ambulance service is amazing. We can't thank them enough for saving my life and think we take them for granted sometimes. It feels amazing to be here.”

Leading operations manager Matt Claydon, who was one of the team who attended on the night, said: “Everyone who was involved in this call is delighted to hear that Dean has made such a good recovery after what must have been a very frightening incident for his family.

“Becky did a fantastic job performing CPR until we arrived, with the crews then pulling together brilliantly as a team to help save Dean’s life.

“We are very grateful to Becky for choosing to raise money for EEAST through her sponsored walk and hope to visit the family once COVID-19 restrictions have lifted so that we can thank her in person and meet Dean in happier circumstances.”

Becky has already smashed through her original £200 fundraising target, and hopes to raise as much as she can for EEAST. To donate, click here.

Published 28th January 2021