Faulty equipment? Please report the asset number

Inside ambulance ECG monitor defib

Patient safety is the priority when it comes to medical devices – the sooner equipment issues are identified and fixed, the sooner they can be back on the road being used for patient care.

The team are asking for your help to assist them in tracking down equipment; when you complete a Datix report for failure of/damage to/loss of any medical devices or equipment, please include the asset or serial number of the device in question.

Adding these details in the ‘equipment information tab’ on Datix allows the team to swiftly identify and locate the piece of equipment affected, and ensure any action is carried out in a timely manner.

Please also remember to complete a ‘faulty equipment tag’, and include the Datix reference number on it. Once completed, the tag should be tied to the piece of equipment affected, and the device moved to the designated area at your station for faulty equipment.

If you’d like a refresher on how to complete the tags, or on reporting faulty equipment, please visit the document library on East24, and click the ‘medical devices SOPs’ tab (accessible internally only).

Published 18th October, 2016

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