Keep safe and warm in the snow

EEAST RRVs and amb on scene

As you may have seen on weather forecasts, there may be a possibility of cold, ice and snow over the next few days – it’s a changing picture but we’re asking everyone to stay safe and warm while out on shift, or travelling to and from work.

Essentially, please be assured that we’re working with all partner agencies around the clock to ensure that our strategic objective – preservation of life and support of vulnerable people – is withheld and executed.

Keep warm and remember to wear base layers underneath your greens. Make sure you’ve also got your waterproofs handy. If you find the deteriorating weather has prevented you from reaching your normal place of work, but you’re able to report for duty, please make your way to the nearest station and make the considered and appropriate arrangements – likewise if you are not able to work, it’s recommend that you notify your line manager in the normal way.

When travelling to and from work, here are a few pointers, which may seem like common sense, but can help to keep you safe:

  • Don’t focus on on-coming vehicle high-beams, and keep your eyes moving
  • Ensure that your interior windscreen is clean and free from greasy residues and your exterior mirrors are clean
  • Adapt your driving, slow down and leave more space between you and the vehicle in front
  • Make sure you can be seen and turn your beams on in good time
  • Be aware of vulnerable road users and be extra vigilant by schools.

Of course the weather front is a moveable feast; us and the agencies we work with are linked in with the media, so please keep up to date through news channels as often as you can to help prepare yourself and those around you.

Published 12th January, 2017

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