Latest Covid-19 Fraud scams

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There are a number of current threats to us as individuals in relation to scams and the Trust’s Counter Fraud Specialist, Gareth Robins, with the help of the NHS Counter Fraud Authority has highlighted some of those that are currently prevalent.

Cyber enabled fraud – vaccine appointments

A website link is being circulated amongst NHS staff, claiming to offer the option to book appointments for a COVID-19 vaccination and displaying the logo of the health service. However, NHS digital have reported that there has been a genuine design established for the website which will allow eligible employees to book their vaccination slots. Cyber criminals may have potentially seen this was in development and used the concept to attempt to harvest the personal and employment details of NHS and social care employees. Therefore, there is the potential that a fraudulent vaccine booking site is being circulated an attempt to harvest the personal or professional details of NHS and social care employees.

Malicious vaccine related SMS messages and telephone calls

Multiple reports have been made in relation to malicious text messages purporting to be from the NHS; these messages request the receiver to click on a link within the text. This link diverts to a page requesting the individual’s information and bank details which is believed to be an attempt to harvest banking information. Additionally, reports have been received of elderly people being contacted via telephone to inform them they will be receiving the Covid-19 vaccination at home and the date of this visit. This could be an attempt to commit a distraction burglary or again harvest bank account details.

Delivery Scams

Staff should remain cautious after purchasing items online as there is potential of falling victim to a delivery scam. Individuals have reported receiving malicious text messages and emails purporting to be from a delivery company. The content of the message claims that a delivery driver attempted to deliver a parcel / package but was unable to. A link is provided which claims to provide the option to book another delivery slot or provide further information, a small fee, may be portrayed as payable for re-booking. This is considered an attempt at phishing for personal banking or personal information, alternatively clicking on the link which claims to allow ‘label editing’ may enable malicious software to be downloaded. Staff should remain vigilant if you have ordered multiple items online, always checking the originating email address before opening links.

Remember: your Local Counter Fraud Specialist is available to provide advice and support. Alternatively issues such as these should be reported to Action Fraud or the local Police. Alternatively, to report fraud, bribery and corruption online please visit NHS Counter Fraud Authority or telephone 0800 028 4060 to confidentially report concerns 24/7.

For more information and advice speak to the Trust’s Local Counter Fraud Specialist Gareth Robins, Email: or For a more detailed look at the current threats please see the document below. 

Published 21st January 2021