Learning from Information Governance incidents

Learning From Incidents

What can we do to improve confidentiality? This article explores five learning points for you to adopt, in order to improve confidentiality and the ways we handle data.

  • If you are sharing information with large groups of staff/people, use the bcc function to avoid sharing personal data with everyone.
  • If you accidentally put a document in the confidential bin, you will need a manager to unlock the bin and remain present with you whilst you retrieve the document.
  • Be conscious of the auto-populate address function when writing emails. Delete any email addresses in the auto-populate field when no longer needed or if from an external contact to avoid sending information to them in error. Always double check who you are sending the email to.
  • Remember to redact documents before sending out if they contain third party data. There are specific methods the Trust uses to do this – please contact the IG team for support.
  • Don’t send staff performance data to anyone but the staff member without anonymising or pseudonymising it.


Published 19 May 2021