Let’s keep talking!

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We’ve been encouraging you to talk, share and listen recently. But sometimes this is not enough.

Maybe you are having problems with childcare? Caring for an elderly parent, sick relative or struggling with the impact of Covid-19? Perhaps you have increasing concerns over mounting debts?

The EEAST Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) gives you the chance to find that extra support, especially during times of financial and emotional stress. You can use a free confidential telephone line available around the clock, 24/7, on 0808 196 2374. You can phone when it suits you, or access their services online, and you may even find yourself referred for further support through teams of trained counsellors.

Mr P is an example. He was having money problems. He had separated from his partner three months ago and was feeling isolated and unable to see his children as often as he would like. The pandemic was keeping him away from friends and family, and he rarely saw anyone apart from his work colleagues who were all under pressure too. He felt really lonely and was struggling to see anything positive.

When Mr P called the EAP he found someone who was immediately able to give him some time, listen, explore the options and practical steps available. On the basis of that information, he was able to restructure his debts and make arrangements with his ex-partner to have a weekly video call with his children. All of this enabled him to take things step by step and to provide the support to see him through this tough time.

If you are feeling low, overwhelmed, and not sure where to turn for practical help and advice, try the EAP and see how it can help you find the balance you need.

Speak to someone you trust

Whether that’s family, friends, work colleagues or your line manager.
You can also contact the EEAST Being Well Team: wellbeing@eastamb.nhs.uk

Call the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) on 0808 196 2374.

You, or your immediate family, can contact the EAP to discuss all types of personal issues (financial, parenting, caring and so on), on a confidential basis.     

Call the EEAST Crisis Line on 0808 196 2370
When life gets too tough: you don’t know what to do or who to turn to.

Published 25th March 2021