MiDoS & iPads

Back of a space grey iPad on a black background

If you have received your iPad and haven’t set up MiDoS we recommend using the following steps to set up MiDoS on the iPad.

To complete the login you will need to have a login link, this is unique to your account and is effectively a password. The MiDoS team have been emailing the login links to your Trust email account, if you haven’t received your link please email MiDoS@eastamb.nhs.uk to obtain.

  • Download the MiDoS app
  • Ensure you are disconnected from the Trusts Corporate network on WiFi
  • Leave the username and password empty and login using the login link by copying your unique login link to the ‘Paste login link here box’

If you receive a 403 Error on an iPad device please uninstall the MiDoS app, then reinstall. Once installed please disconnect from the Trust WiFi and then try the above.

If you do have any problems logging in then please email MiDoS@eastamb.nhs.uk the team work Monday to Friday and aim to respond same day for account login issues.

Republished 21st September 2021

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