Night time vehicle noise

Ambulance side shot

We’ve had some feedback from the public about noise generated by our vehicles at night, particularly in residential areas.

Our priority is always going to be to get care to our patient safely, and in a life-threatening situation we don’t expect the noise you’re making to be your top priority.

But when you’re at scene, please consider whether you need to leave the vehicle running, and be as courteous as you can in terms of noise levels. Clearly there’s a balance to be made – if it’s cold outside it’s kind to put the heating on in the vehicle ready for your patient, as their comfort and care should be paramount. Equally sometimes our equipment needs to be left on charge, which needs the vehicle ignition to be on.

Your patient and their needs should always come first, we just ask that you’re as considerate as you can be to other residents. If you’ll be leaving your patient at home, then perhaps think about switching off your engine until you’re ready to leave the scene.

We know for the large majority of you this goes without saying, and we thank you for your continued support.

Published 9th March, 2017

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