Patient Voice Webinar - 4th March 2021


You know how your own voice sounds different on a recording, compared with how it usually sounds to you?

That’s because you usually hear your own voice, mostly through the vibration of the bones in your head and because when we’re speaking, our brains are busy processing.

In order to really listen, we need to stop and devote ourselves to listening – and then we learn. It's similar to how we perceive how patients experience the EEAST delivery and performance.

The only way we can truly share the same experience, is to devote some time to listening to how THEY describe it. So please, do join us for this recording of the Patient Experience Voice Webinar, the first of a coming series on patient voice including involvement, surveys and, yes, complaints and compliments!

Meet the team who can work with you to improve your service, using the different perspective that our patients bring.

The complaints team sound like fun, right? Well, did you know that they also handle compliments – of which there are usually at least FOUR TIMES as many?!!

We don’t just wait for patients to come to us, our survey team can probe all sorts of aspects – we just need YOU to tell us what you think you need to know.

Have you ever been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance? Our PPI team (Patient and Public Involvement) don’t do £10,000 refunds (sorry) but watch the Webinar and you’ll find out how we can support you with tools and material to reach the public- at school, college, in their Patient Groups, in their social groups – and help them draw closer to getting involved, whether actively as a CFR or by joining the team full-time or volunteering to become involved in co-designing and co-developing aspects of our services.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – don’t miss the contact details at the end – we want you to use them!

In fact, here they are now, just in case you’re already keen to talk to Patient Experience.

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Published 18th March 2021