Please report all cases of violence and aggression

RRV with blue lights

In the event that you’re exposed to acts of violence and aggression in the line of duty, you’re required to report it on the DATIX system. This can be done either via East24 or via the 24-hours reporting line (SPOC).  This will assist managers and our local security management specialist (LSMS) to offer support to you.  

The definition of physical assault is: ‘the intentional application of force to the person of another, without lawful justification, resulting in physical injury or personal discomfort.’ 

The NHS also includes ‘personal discomfort’ in this definition, which therefore covers any action which makes a member of NHS staff frightened or uncomfortable – and not necessarily hurt (e.g. a push).  This also includes spitting (if it lands on the member of staff’s uniform or body).

Sometimes a staff member may judge that the person who has assaulted them may not have had capacity, due to either a mental health issue or a medical condition, e.g. dementia or being post-ictal.  These are referred to as clinical assaults. Regardless, all physical assaults must please be reported on DATIX – even if they are judged to be a ‘clinical assault’. 

Published 3rd February, 2017

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