Polysafety-Adva Cannula - Top Tips

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Following the recall of the Becton Dickinson (BD) Venflon cannula, GBUK Healthcare has provided its Polysafety Ported IV cannula to EEAST and have offered support for anyone that would like further information.

You may have noticed a couple of different features between the BD Venflon cannula you have been using, and the GBUK Polysafety ported cannula. The venepuncture procedure remains the same with the addition of quick visualisation of blood flow through needle along with catheter body confirms successful venepuncture.

  • Adva Flashback technology - this new feature allows you to immediately see when you have accessed the vein.  You will see flashback in the cannula itself.  You will find this most helpful for the delicate, hard to cannulate veins.

  • Never withdraw the catheter back over the needle or reinsert the needle into the catheter. Doing so could shear off the catheter tip within the patient.

  • Safety sharp containment - The safety mechanism is automatic and fully encapsulates the sharp.  The safety does not stop blood flow, therefore you must apply venous pressure to occlude the cannulated vein on removal of the needle to prevent blood leakage.
  • To reduce the risk of accidental needlestick injury (NHS Employers 2007), Immediately dispose of the stylet into an appropriate sharps’ container.

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