QA8 form not required for EZ-IO or trauma wound dressings


As of today (20th April), you no longer have to complete a quality assurance, also known as a QA8, form when you use the EZ-IO or trauma wound dressings. 

We use quality assurance forms (QA8) for clinical interventions beyond ‘standard’ paramedic practice; when we introduced the EZ-IO and trauma dressings, the QA8 forms allowed us to monitor how they were being used, and to also identify any trends or issues that could inform our teaching and practice. 

However, as we’ve now been using these pieces of equipment for a long time, we’re now classing them as ‘business as usual’ and there’s no longer a requirement for you to submit a QA8 form following their use. 

Of course, in the event of any adverse incident with these (or any other) pieces of equipment, please make sure to report it on Datix at the earliest opportunity. If you’d like to share an experience or learning, you can also email the area clinical lead team to discuss and get clinical support should you need it.

Published 20th April, 2017

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