Recharging the batteries: check your Zoll

Our Zoll defibrillators are one of the most important pieces of equipment we use. At the moment, different versions have different batteries – please make sure to read the below so you know how to check yours. Most of our defibrillators use rechargeable batteries, which means they need to be checked and exercised every three months to make sure they’re working properly. Without this, the batteries can develop problems which means they don’t hold their charge properly (this is the case is many rechargeable batteries). Please make sure to check yours regularly!

Recharging Zoll battery - current







New SMART batteries  

We’re currently rolling out a better rechargeable battery, called a SMART battery. This version requires much less maintenance, have a longer run time and are lighter in weight. It also has an indicator on that tells you exactly how much charge is left.   The new battery looks like this:  

Recharging Zoll battery - Smart battery 1   Recharging Zoll battery - smart battery 2


They should also have a ‘next service due’ sticker on them. Please make sure that this sticker is there, and that it is within the service date. If you find a missing sticker, or you think it’s overdue for service, please contact the clinical engineering team at

Non-rechargeable batteries  

Non-rechargeable long life batteries are being fitted to our Zoll AED Pro defibs. These are maintenance free, so the unit will simply sound an alarm when the battery is nearing the end of its life. This type of battery looks like this:

Recharging Zoll battery - non-rechargable battery

Please always ensure that ambulances and cars are shore lined with the medical devices attached for charging.

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