Relief Policy Update

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As we are approaching the launch date of the Trusts new harmonised relief policy on 1st April 2019, it is a good time to update you on some key points.

As part of the Relief Policy Implementation Plan (RPIP) we have undertaken training sessions for the local and sector planners to ensure that all rotas are planned in accordance with the new standards from 1st April 2019. During these sessions there have been some common questions asked and in order to ensure that everyone has the same consistent answers, we have produced a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document.  Please take a few minutes to read and familiarise yourselves with it.

In order to assist planners with planning staff in line with the new policy, an Individual Staff Profile form was circulated to all areas for completion by their relief staff. This was designed to reduce the workload on planners (by getting their relief staff to indicate which stations they can be planned to in line with the policy) and managers (through not having to check every mileage claim on-line at the end of the month by being able to verify mileages as the forms are returned therefore spreading the workload out). Following feedback, we have made a small change to the form. In the box “stations within 25 mile limit” we have clarified that this is 25 miles from the base station and not from the individuals home address and have added a note to the form (as attached). No staff should have relief shifts planned at stations that are greater than 25 miles from their base station. Where possible staff should be planned to their own station or as close to their home address as possible in order to reduce both their travel time and also the financial costs of mileage claims. Thank you to the areas that have confirmed to us that these forms have been completed.

In regard of the restriction in planning staff to stations no further than 25 miles away from their base station, it would be worth giving consideration to distributing your relief staff proportionately across your stations, giving consideration to their home addresses which will further minimise their travel time to work and improve planners ability to plan to all stations.

The Trusts mileage matrix has been updated and is now located on East24.

Moving forward, as the relief policy will become Business As Usual (BAU) from 1st April 2019, if you have any further questions related to the relief policy, these should be directed to your local management teams. Emails received to the address related to the relief policy, from today, will be forwarded to your AGM.

Published 21st March 2019

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