Saw-injury patient thanks staff

Richard Game patient meet up Melbourn 2nd October

Paramedics from Melbourn were thanked in person on Thursday by patient Richard Game, who is still recovering from a horrific arm injury caused by a circular saw in June.

Richard was at home when the saw he was using toppled over and cut through three-quarters of his arm, including bone, just below the elbow. Paramedics Simon Probert, Darrell Singh and Ben Horner treated Richard, after call handler Megan Llewellyn took the call from his wife Brenda in Norwich EOC.

Richard, 63, said: “I couldn’t afford to panic and we were both really calm about the whole situation. My first thought was to try not to get blood on the carpet but getting to the sink fast. I was starting to lose consciousness so it’s great the paramedics came when they did.”

Richard contacted the Trust to ask if he could meet the staff who had helped him and met Simon, Darrell and Ben in Melbourn on Thursday (2nd October.)

He said: “It was really good to see them again, they’re a very special bunch.” Brenda added: “Megan was fantastic in telling me what to do.”

Richard is now back at work, but has lost some use in his arm, which he is trying to get back.   

Ben said: “It was a really nasty cut and he’d obviously lost a lot of blood after what had happened. He’s an amazing guy and it’s great to see him fit and well again.”

Published 9th October 2014 

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