South Essex PTS give their thanks to military support

military support

South Essex PTS were pleased to welcome Ant, Dave, Kayleigh, Chloe, Vula, Naresh, Winston and Aaron who have been providing support to South Essex Patient Transport Services since the 1st February 2021

68 Squadron have proved to be a big hit with our patients who are loving to see our British Army providing us their support through these testing times. The guys and girls have become an integral part of our team over the past few weeks and we will be sad to say goodbye to them on the 21st February.

7 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps forms part of 102 Logistic Brigade and is made up of RLC Supply Specialists, Drivers and Chefs, as well as vehicle mechanics, artificers from the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and military clerks from the Staff and Personnel Support branch of the Adjutant General’s Corps.

The 68 Supply Squadron - provides the Logistic Supply Chain expertise and management of critical spares to the Brigade and deployed force.

Published 18th February 2021