Staff take up learning opportunities in west Norfolk

A programme of intense learning has been delivered in west Norfolk, with staff completing their training on new trauma equipment and the new Corpuls defibrillators within six weeks.

Senior Locality Manager Terry Hicks said: “It is a great achievement by our training team, including colleagues from our operational support team, to deliver sessions in each of the six stations in the area, so that staff have the opportunity to attend at their closest station.”

The Corpuls defibrillators will be rolled out on vehicles in the area early next month.

Terry thanked all staff for getting involved: “I am really proud that they have taken the opportunity to come in for this training, sometimes on their rest days, and would like to thank them all – this has helped the speed of the rollout so that we can support improvements in patient care.”

Although Terry isn’t surprised by the appetite for learning from the frontline staff in the area: “We delivered PU training for more than 95% of eligible staff last year, thanks to the strong team led by Catherine. In another innovation, we have set up a support system for new students and those returning from long-term sick leave so that they spend their first few shifts with a support team of four dedicated mentors, Cheryl, Dave, Nicky and Simon, who are backed by a network of mentors across the area. This really helps introduce them to the area and feel settled before they go on the road.

“I’d also like to thank our excellent team of ECPs, who are around 24/7 to provide clinical leadership and support for our staff and patients. I am extremely pleased how staff across west Norfolk are delivering and supporting excellent patient care.”

Published 21st May 2015 

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