Suffolk Police warning on dangerous drug

Suffolk Police   dangerous drug

Suffolk Police are urging people not to take the ‘Superman’ ecstasy (MDMA) pill (pictured), which is believed to be linked to the recent death of three people in the Ipswich area.

Please be aware of the outward signs of a patient who may have taken the drug; they may be sweating, have dilated pupils and an elevated mood and the following side effects:

  • cardiovascular system – tachycardia / capillary rupture, causing red marking on the face in particular
  • central nervous system – some patients develop hyperpyrexia which can be life-threatening and they need urgent transfer to hospital for specialist care. Cooling measures may be helpful but should not delay transfer to further care. The patient may also be feeling depressed, panicked and anxious
  • liver failure and severe kidney damage may occur.

The following treatment can be given:

  • administer diazepam to control anxiety and agitation
  • treat convulsions with diazepam
  • if the systolic BP > 222 and diastolic > 140 mmHg in the absence of longstanding hypertension give diazepam
  • correct hypotension by raising the foot of the bed and / or by giving fluids as per medical emergencies.

Suffolk Police are urging people to dispose of the drug safely by surrendering it at their local station or at an A&E department.

Published 8th January 2015 

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