Take 5 – The role of the loggist

Take 5 to prepare

The latest edition of Take 5 is now available. In this issue we look at the role of the loggist within an incident.

The role of a loggist is governed by the Civil Continencies Act 2004 (CCA)

“A comprehensive record should be kept of all events, decisions and reasoning behind key decisions and actions taken. Each organisation should maintain its own records.”

Major or Critical Incidents are often high-pressured, fast moving situations. Commanders will usually receive a lot of information in a short amount of time and are responsible for assessing, evaluating, and implementing the appropriate measures to ensure a safe and appropriate outcome for patients and staff members. In these hectic moments, you need a skilled loggist who can confidently and accurately log information received, capture when and why certain decisions were made, and subsequently the actions taken.

You can download the latest issue of Take 5 below.

Published 21st April 2021


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