The 2021 National Staff Survey is now open

You should have received an email from Picker which will contain a unique link to the survey. The survey is easy to complete and should take you around 15 minutes.

By giving just 15 minutes of your time you can help make the NHS the workplace we all want it to be. You can complete the survey during your regular working hours. The survey closes on Friday 26th November 2021.

Please do fill yours in and make sure you have your say. As the People Promise says: “We each have a voice that counts”.

How do I take part?
You will receive an email with a personal link from Picker.

Is taking part mandatory?
Everyone is encouraged to take part, but the survey is not mandatory. You will receive regular reminders before the deadline of 26 November 2021, unless you complete the survey or opt out. To opt out please email or send your survey back blank.

Is the survey confidential?
Yes. EEAST will have no access to individual responses and Picker will not supply any identifiable data. As Picker is an accredited survey contractor, they comply with ISO 20252, ISO 270001 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.

How does Picker monitor incomplete surveys?
All returned surveys are registered ‘complete’ via their QR code or unique link. This allows reminders to be sent for uncompleted surveys. EEAST will not have access to these codes. We will also not be able to see if you personally have completed the survey.

Can I forward the email to the rest of my team?
No. Each survey link is unique to its recipient, and once it has been used to complete a survey it cannot be used again. If anyone in your team hasn’t received a survey, please contact

How will the results be used?
Picker reports the results in anonymised reports for groups of 11 or more. National results will be published online in 2022, also anonymised and confidential.




Published 5th October 2021