Together, we can make a change

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A lot of organisations talk about having vision and values, but what are they and why do we need them?

Imagine that a group of people are travelling in a car together. It would be really difficult for everyone in that car to make a decision on whether to turn left, go right or straight on at a roundabout if they were all heading for different destinations in different directions.

But if they’re all going to same place, eventually they will arrive. They might still have different ideas on which way to turn and exactly how to get there; one might want to take the scenic route, another might know about roadworks that need to be avoided, another might want to take a shortcut, and the other might need to run an errand on the way. But even though their ideas are different their final destination is the same, so together they should be able to reach a decision on what route to take.

The exact same principles apply here at EEAST; it’s impossible to agree on decisions and achieve what we want if we aren’t all heading in the same direction towards the same vision. It’s the foundation stone in moving the Trust forward. Having a vision and a set of values won’t mean we all agree on everything – but the discussions will be in how we get there, not where we’re going.

So over the next six weeks we’re going to be asking you what you think; we’ll be finding out what’s important to you, what values you think we should sign up to, and what you think we should be aspiring to achieve. You’ll have the opportunity to get involved here on Need to Know, via Facebook and Twitter, and members of the Board will also be coming out to talk to you on stations and at A&Es to listen to what you have to say.

We all work for the Trust, whether as a member of staff or a volunteer, and together we make up what this organisation is. This is your chance to help set what our values and vision should be, to be a part of the first step in a major programme to shape the future culture of the Trust - making this a place where we are all proud to come to work.

Together, we can make a change.

Published 29th January 2015 

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