Update to weekend overtime incentive

Chelmsford EOC

In advance of expected high call volumes this coming weekend evening, the level of incentive has be adjusted to for staff working overtime in call handler roles.

Staff working overtime in call handler roles with shifts of 8 hours of more between 16:00 Saturday 24th through to 06:00 on Sunday 25th will now receive a £250 incentive payment.

Staff working overtime outside of these hours on Saturday and Sunday will continue to receive £150 as per the original publication. Only one bonus payment per 24 hours is permitted.

This adjustment only affects staff working in call handler roles.

To remain eligible for the additional payments: 

  • Only the shifts specified on the table below would attract the additional payments 
  • Shifts must be at least 8 hours in length and pre-agreed with local managers/planners in advance
  • Overtime will be paid at the applicable AFC rate 
  • All part time, full time and bank staff are eligible for the additional payments 
  • No cancellation of any pre-booked overtime between 09.07.21 and the 03.08.21 inclusive unless specifically authorised by the senior AOC manager
  • No sickness absence between 09.07.21 and the 03.08.21 inclusive
  • No other absences other than pre-booked annual leave (unless authorised by a line manager)
  • AOC teams will dynamically control the availability of overtime shifts based on their business need/risk


Published 23rd July 2021

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