Urgent IT update


With the rollout of our ePCRs via iPADs progressing well, we need to undertake some important maintenance to our back office systems to ensure that we have capacity for new devices coming online.

This evening (Thursday 12th August) at 22:00 we will be undertaking this work. The work should be completed within two hours. When the work commences the following will occur:

The following devices will temporarily loose connectivity:

  • iPAD ePCR
  • Toughbook ePCR

All of the devices will continue to function in a standalone manner. If you have started an ePCR it will continue to allow you to work on the record, however you will not be able to access GP connect/finalise/send the record or access any applications until you regain connectivity. CORPULS devices will still work normally however you will not be able to send the ECG until your device has reconnected.

Approximately 80% of devices will lose connectivity and reconnect within two minutes. The remaining 20% of devices could take up to one hour to reconnect. It is recommended that staff are prepared to move to paper to complete their patient care record whilst the work is undertaken.

Prior to 2200 we ask that any off going crews ensure that the listed devices are turned off when not in use. We also ask that all iPADs that are not completing an ePCR in a crew of two or more are turned off, this will reduce the number of reconnections and speed up the connectivity process.

Thank you in advance for your support with this – doing this will support us in our role out of more devices and modernising our care to patients.

Nicholas Jones
IM&T Service Delivery Manager (Clinical Applications)

Published Thursday 12th August 2021