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Wellbeing and mental health hubs

Taking care of your health and wellbeing remains as important as ever, but it’s not always easy to prioritise yourself. Seeking support early can help avoid more serious problems from surfacing later.

Last week, we emailed all staff with a new leaflet produced by the wellbeing team, providing information on the support available to you – including the Mental Health Hubs, psychological support flow chart and useful support contact numbers.

If you are struggling, please follow the pathway on the wellbeing leaflet to ensure that you can access the most appropriate support.

If you haven’t already done so, please download the PDF below and save it to your desktop or iPad for quick reference.

In addition, back in the summer the NHS established Mental Health Hubs (sometimes referred to as Resilience Hubs) across the country, to specifically support staff working in the NHS and social care.

The hubs provide health and social care staff with rapid access to assessment and local evidence-based mental health services and support where needed. The hub is confidential and free of charge for all health and social care staff.

The hubs can offer you a clinical assessment and referral to local services enabling access to support where needed, such as talking therapies or counselling. It is separate and confidential from your organisation.

It is open to all health and social care staff, from all services and settings. You can self-refer or refer a colleague (with their consent). Find your nearest hub here.

Published 8th October 2021


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