Have you ordered a new ID badge and not received it?

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After reading this article on Need to Know a few weeks ago, a number of you got in touch with us to say that you’d previously ordered replacement ID forms but hadn’t yet received them.

If you or your manager sent a request for a new ID badge to the Bedford office (reception.bedford@eastamb.nhs.uk) and haven’t yet received a replacement, please ask your line manager to resubmit it via the new form on East24.

Your ID card will be changed for a new, combined access card once your old ID badge expires or if your job title changes; if your job title has changed and you need a new badge, please ask your line manager to submit the necessary forms as detailed above. This is with the exception of new ‘senior clinicians’, who will only get a new ID card once their existing one has expired.

We’d appreciate your patience and support; the estates team has absorbed this piece of work so please consider what changes are genuinely needed before requesting minor or cosmetic changes to your card. If you have any further queries or questions, please leave a comment below or email estates.access@eastamb.nhs.uk.

Published 5th April 2015 

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