Speak Up, Speak Out, Stop It

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Speak Up, Speak Out, Stop It

We all know bullying and harassment is unacceptable. Even one case is one too many.

That’s why we’re asking everyone at EEAST to be part of our new campaign and Speak Up, Speak Out, Stop It.

Speak Up: If you experience bullying and harassment at work, or are witness to it, please take the time to Speak Up.

Speak Out: There are several ways you can talk to someone about your experience.

  • Your line manager, if appropriate.
  • Contact our Freedom to Speak Up Guardian through the designated, confidential email address FTSU@eastamb.nhs.uk You can also call our guardian on 07562 158013.
  • The OCE email address

Together we can Stop It.




Published 12th January 2021