BAME Colleagues share their experience of vaccination

People in the BAME communities are more at risk of developing the most severe forms of the COVID-19 virus. 
As a trust we are encouraging all staff to access the Vaccines, either through our in-house vaccination programme or at external clinics - this is even more important for BAME colleagues.

Some people have reservations and questions about the vaccines, and we are also aware that some faiths and BAME communities are being targeted online with anti-vaccination information.
In our second article for BAME colleagues, Dr Sreeman Andole, Interim Medical Director for the Trust, has recorded a special message addressing some of these issues, and other colleagues have shared their vaccination stories: 

My vaccination story
Members of EEAST staff from the BAME community share their experiences of getting their vaccination:

My name is Caroline Nwadu, I am a HR Project manager and work within the Workforce Directorate within EEAST.
I have been shielding since the pandemic started in March 2020, because I have a number of underlying conditions. My husband had COVID early on, when the pandemic started in March and as a result, I saw first-hand how dangerous this virus could be. I have also had friends’ who have passed away from this awful virus.

As you can imagine, I have really been looking forward to a vaccine being created. I was so happy when the AstraZeneca vaccine was signed off. I could not wait to have my jab done. I booked myself into the Melbourn vaccine centre via the evolve system.
I am not a big fan of needles, as you can see from my face, but when I arrived there, everyone was very professional and helpful. It was so quick; I was in and out in minutes.

A number of my friends and family members have been a bit nervous and sceptical about taking the COVID-19 vaccination.
My response and food for thought to them was “wouldn’t you prefer to take the vaccine than catch and suffer from the virus?”


My name is Gita Prasad, Deputy Director of Business and Partnerships.
I was vaccinated at Poringland Community Centre in South Norfolk. It was very well organised and there were many health colleagues also being vaccinated at the same time. We were marshalled and socially distanced, except for the actual injection! Afterwards, we had to wait for 15 minutes in the centre and EEAST staff were on hand in case of any immediate adverse reaction.

What does the vaccination mean to me? There are family members that I have not seen for over 14 months – I am missing my nieces growing up! My own boys have had their university education massively disrupted. My friend just lost her daughter to COVID-19 this week and if this vaccine can make a difference to preventing more deaths, then I’m doing it! I believe that the vaccine is the best chance we have at tackling COVID-19 and brings us all some hope.


 Vaccination clinics have been set up at EEAST sites around the region and slots are available to book now.

There are presently plenty of slots available - look out for additional dates, and weekend and evening sessions that are being added.
To access these, please go to the in-house vaccination programmme (AstraZenica vaccine).

You can also be vaccinated at an external site if that is more convenient – find out more on the Vaccination Home Page.

Below there are links to further information which answer many common questions about taking the vaccination and which may be of use to BAME colleagues. 
Should you have any further queries about taking the vaccination, please contact your GP or your line manager for further information.